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How To Use Bindle - step by step

how to use bindle

In an effort to protect the health and safety of the staff, artists and audience members, we will be requiring proof of either  full vaccination (14 days after final shot) and/or a recent negative test result within 72 hours prior to performance. Rapid home test not accepted.  We will accept paper credentials, such as a CDC vaccine card or a print-out of a negative COVID-19 test from a CLIA-approved lab. We have also partnered with Bindle to verify proof of vaccination or negative test result on a mobile device. 

Bindle safeguards COVID-19 vaccination records and test results in a secure, blockchain data locker, keeping personal health and identity information strictly private and anonymous. Based on the entrance criteria of the space the individual is seeking to enter, Bindle will produce an anonymous entry pass, where no personal health information is shared. Bindle can be used to enter our space, as well as museums, concert halls, live entertainment venues and festivals across America.

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Step 1

Download “My Bindle” from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


Create an account using one of the two options: “Auto Import” by uploading an existing vaccine QR code or “Manual Set Up” by providing your name, selfie, email address and birthdate. (If you are using the Auto Import function, Bindle can ingest QR codes from SMART Health Cards.) As a final step, you’ll be prompted to type in a verification code that is sent to your email address.


To upload your completed COVID-19 vaccination information including COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, go to My Certificates on your Bindle and tap the “+”* icon and follow the instructions to create a digital health certificate. To upload a test result click on the “+” icon and then “COVID-19 Test Results”.


Once you’ve uploaded the necessary certificates, go to My Passes on your Bindle, search for the [PATRONS] LVUSD PAEC and click Create Entry Pass.   If you are part of the cast or crew, please search for [CAST/CREW] LVUSD PAEC.

Step 5

If you meet the health requirements for entry, Bindle will generate an Entry Pass with your photo and QR code. Screen shot is NOT accepted. 

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