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Streaming Your Pre-Recorded Event

Our ability to stream performances and events at The PAECs Online offers producers the opportunity to reach beyond the buildings and connect with patrons literally anywhere in the world.

The PAECs’ Team offers pre-production planning support, three-camera shoots in our MainStage Theaters, video and audio editing, social media marketing, and pay-per-view ticket sales to support your vision every step of the way.

New Streaming Service
Filming a Presentation

With three cameras at each location, we can capture interesting, dynamic and highly detailed reproductions of your event to live stream to your patrons around the world when they log into The PAECs Online. We’re prepared to help you create content every step of the way, from the initial planning all the way through editing and post-production.  And The PAECs Online are all set up to sell Pay-per-View tickets to your events so you can get back to making money on your shows.

 Live Streaming Your Event

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